5 Secrets to Being a Great Leader

You are mysteriously intelligent, you have a beautifully framed University degree, and you have a title you’re even shocked to say sometimes. Not surprisingly, you landed in a position of leadership. So what is it that makes you a great leader? It’s not what you think. What you know and how you project that through [...]

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Learning to Tie Your Shoes Again

Life comes with change, right? I would like to bust out of the gate and say that no matter how little or big the change, it can be both challenging and exciting. And when I say change, I mean everything from health and body, work and relationships, or a loved one passing, to a new home, [...]

2017-05-21T06:20:07+00:00 January 27th, 2016|Confidence|4 Comments

How to Ride the Wave of Inspiration in 2016

With 2016 in full swing – and no doubt, the many resolutions and goals we are already aspiring to – we need all the inspiration we can get to keep us on track. I believe there are three kinds of people at this time of year:  The Swimmers, The Sinkers and The Floaters. Which one are [...]

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3 Steps to Stand Tall in Your Uniqueness

There’s no point in fighting it anymore. You’re different, I’m different, the bus driver, the dude in your marketing department, and don’t forget your neighbour that really, really loves Christmas lights…and Captain Morgan! (haha) So what can we do to embrace our uniqueness? I suggest to first, take a deep breath and be proud because it's part of [...]

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