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Sometimes it’s best to let clients do the talking.

“National Oilwell Varco secured Tamara at three different locations to be our motivational speaker during our 2015 United Way campaign.  Tamara has such a presence about her, just the way she reaches out and touches everyone she speaks too is so impacting.  Our facility is made up of mostly men, and too see the reactions of each and every employee was heartwarming.  Although we had an itinerary to follow, Tamara left us with so much emotion, we didn’t end up following the itinerary!”

Tamara Haskins, Operations Coordinator
NOV Rig Systems

“I had the pleasure of meeting Tamara in 2011 when I worked with United Way. It was then that I totally new that I had a friend for life. I was absolutely inspired when I heard Tamara speak for the very first time, and I continued to keep her busy through 2013. Out of over 25 different speakers that I could choose from, I always requested Tamara. There were not a lot of dry eyes in the audience when she spoke, but the tears were those of inspiration and motivation and not sadness.

Tamara moves every audience and is an absolutely beautiful person inside and out. This shows every time she walks into a room and pours her heart and soul out to strangers, all for one reason: to open up people’s eyes and make them see the goodness in every human being. And she ironically teaches people to see even though, she physically cannot!

I am honored to associate with Tamara.”

Kory Fedorak, Fire Chief, Emergency Response Team
Imperial Oil

“I met Tamara 3 years ago when I invited her as a guest speaker. Working within the gas and oil industry, I was keen to see and hear the guest speaker that I had heard of; I was also slightly apprehensive as the majority of the audience were male and expecting a speaker from within their line of work.

When Tamara arrived the first thing that you we saw was her smile – it is evident that she is clearly happy in life. Within minutes of arriving she had the entire audience eating out of her hands; her story is compelling, heartbreaking, humorous and delivered with poise and elegance. I have been fortunate to have lived and worked in most areas of the world, and I have seen and heard many motivational and inspirational speakers. Tamara is easily one of the best I have seen.

Tamara Gaudet had been dealt a bad hand in life but she will be the first to tell you that she feels the exact opposite. If you are looking for someone who has refused to give up and risen above their circumstances then Tamara is the one you have been looking for.

This Lady is a class act and I am grateful to call her a friend.”

Tam Connelly, I Eng MCGI Service Manager: Warranty
OEM Remanufacturing

“Tamara is much more than a motivational speaker. She truly changes how you think about life and the lives of those around you — and her message can be applied to any environment, whether it is corporate or community.”

Jung-Suk Ryu Manager, Communications

“Tamara is a ray of sunshine. She is one of the most happy and positive women that I know. When you first meet her you will notice her huge smile and great fashion sense, and after speaking with her, you’ll be amazed by her love of life and determination to help others. Tamara is a captivating speaker who will make you laugh, cry and sit on the edge of your seat. And if you have the pleasure of meeting her, she will leave you feeling good about yourself and empowered to live your life to the fullest.”

Melanie Popowich, Edmonton, AB

“The first time we heard Tamara speak was in front of a hundred construction workers and to see their hard faces soften when she spoke was inspirational. Tamara’s voice delivers the powerful story of her life, from her time before and after she became blind; her story proves that anyone can overcome hardship. The passion she has to share her story and the ability to connect with her audience is moving. Eye contact is the key to audience engagement; in Tamara’s case, her utilization of humor, her strong presence and her ability to connect hearts and spirits transcend any and all disabilities.”

Oreen Skiba, Campaign Manager, United Way
Roshan Kastrinos, 2010 Loaned Rep, Enbridge Pipelines

“It was a pleasure to listen to Tamara speak. She spoke to a group of about 200 people and I was impressed with her ability to hold the crowd’s attention. Her personal story was very powerful. In addition to having a compelling story, Tamara also engaged the crowd with her strong sense of humour and her ability to make eye contact. Thanks again for allowing me to participate in this event and hear your story.”

Kevin Fitzgerald Director, Campaign
United Way of the Alberta Capital Region