Country Music Rocks! [Plus my 2017 Summer Playlist]

When I was growing up, my parents listened to what is now considered "Classic Country Music." You know…George Jones, Patsy Cline, Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash. All the greats. I would complain and tell my parents how much I hated their music...but I secretly loved it! One of my best memories is on my 16th birthday [...]

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Stand in the Sun

The seed. The idea. The love. The thing. You doubted. You denied. You failed. You fell down. You tried. You cried. Defeated. Deflated. You gave up. Darkness loomed. Shadow casted. You’re cold. You hurt. You remember the pain. The fall, the scratches. The burns. The scars. You see them now. Feel them. Appreciate them. Hope [...]

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