Stand in the Sun

The seed. The idea. The love. The thing. You doubted. You denied. You failed. You fell down. You tried. You cried. Defeated. Deflated. You gave up. Darkness loomed. Shadow casted. You’re cold. You hurt. You remember the pain. The fall, the scratches. The burns. The scars. You see them now. Feel them. Appreciate them. Hope [...]

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How Does Inspiration Fuel Motivation?

The words 'inspiration' and 'motivation' are so commonly used and phrased today, we often don’t stop to think about what it is they both mean to us. And moreover, what they do for us. Inspiration is the story. The person. The reason we want to do something. Stories that hit the heart. An article. A [...]

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Why You Should Have a Dream List and How To Create One

Let's start with a popular saying to set the tone for this post:  “There are seven days in a week and someday isn't one of them.” How often do you say to yourself:  “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “Maybe someday”... ? But then what happens? Life happens. Career, kids, marriage and money. Don’t forget time, laziness, [...]

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How to Stop Complaining and Live a Happier Life

Do you have someone in your life who complains about everything? The weather, traffic, work and family. They find ways to complain about the good stuff, things they have no control over and even the things they do! You probably either do your best to avoid them or tolerate them because you care for them. [...]

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Are you getting in your own way?

Have you ever wished you had pushed yourself just a little bit more? Reached just a little bit higher... maybe even a lot higher? How would things look if you stretched a little further out of your comfort zone to tap in to possibilities you didn’t even know you had? The bigger the step, the greater [...]

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The Powerful Question That Can Change Everything

What would you do if you found out you only had two weeks left to live? Can you think of a more profound question to ask yourself? Especially if you find yourself a little lost or in a funk. It can't help but lead to questions like:  How would you spend your time? What would [...]

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What makes you feel like a Superstar?

Last week was full of love, laughter and celebration. It was my birthday and I turned 44! But just for a moment, I would like for you to think of me as a 6 year old little girl. Picture a very bubbly, blonde curly haired little girl dressed up in clothes that would probably be fashionably [...]

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6 Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem

When you feel good about yourself, you feel confident... and when you feel confident, you have strong self esteem. Self esteem is only what YOU think of yourself. As in your own thoughts. So if you don’t like how you look or feel good about who you are, the image you paint for yourself in your own [...]

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What is it like to be blind at Christmas?

Christmas is my absolute, hands down favourite time of year. Has been ever since I was a little girl. I would wait for Santa and hope he heard my Christmas wish. Then, growing up Christmas traditions continued and my love for this holiday deepened further. And now as a 43 year old, I’m a proud, but [...]

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Be the Master of Your Own Life

Transformation isn’t a future event, it’s a present day activity. —Jillian Michaels With Labour Day weekend passing and Summer coming to an end, it’s time for a little post-summer reprogramming. I look at September like a transformation. Not just Mother Nature making her beautiful changes, but also within myself and my own life. It’s the [...]

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