The Ripple Effect: Why Doing What You Love Matters

How do you know what you are doing is what you are supposed to be doing? That the path you have chosen is the right one for you? Like me, I’m sure you have asked these questions somewhere along the way. But, what happens when the answer’s not crystal clear? I remember when volunteer speaking [...]

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7 Ways Music Fills You Up (plus my Summer Playlist)

From the time I was seven years old, spinning Mini Pops on my record player and dancing up a storm on my bed, music has been a huge part of my life. I even wanted to be on Star Search! Fast-forward to the 43-year-old-Melissa-Etheridge-loving-me, and my “big break” never came. That’s okay, my Karaoke Queen Grandma [...]

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Barbie or G.I. Joe? My coming out story.

Coming out of the closet and into this world as an openly gay person is the biggest, most important and most difficult thing a LGTBQ individual will ever do. At the same time, it’s the most freeing and most empowering. In honour of Pride Week here in my home city of Edmonton, I would like to [...]

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Top 4 Things Losing My Vision Taught Me

“You’re going blind,” said my Neuro-Opthamologist after a thorough exam of my eyes. How was I to digest this information? How could anyone? I was 26 years old, vibrant and independent. I was enjoying my friends, loved my job and adored my partner. Life was amazing. Suddenly, in only four short weeks I went from [...]

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5 Secrets to Being a Great Leader

You are mysteriously intelligent, you have a beautifully framed University degree, and you have a title you’re even shocked to say sometimes. Not surprisingly, you landed in a position of leadership. So what is it that makes you a great leader? It’s not what you think. What you know and how you project that through [...]

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How to Ride the Wave of Inspiration in 2016

With 2016 in full swing – and no doubt, the many resolutions and goals we are already aspiring to – we need all the inspiration we can get to keep us on track. I believe there are three kinds of people at this time of year:  The Swimmers, The Sinkers and The Floaters. Which one are [...]

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