Learn the ‘Power of Persuasion’ by Watching The Voice

It’s jam packed full of great music and incredible artists. You will laugh and you will cry. You will be witness to big dreams coming true. What am I talking about? Only the best show on TV:  The Voice. In it’s 12th Season, The Voice has helped aspiring, forgotten and unknown artists share their gift [...]

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The Power of Compassion in Your Workplace

Compassion simply – but profoundly – means to feel and show genuine concern for someone. Yes, even to yourself. To coin a phrase, “Compassion is just love with its work boots on.” If you are among the millions and millions of people who watch Ellen Degeneres, you already know someone who demonstrates compassion everyday on [...]

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5 Secrets to Being a Great Leader

You are mysteriously intelligent, you have a beautifully framed University degree, and you have a title you’re even shocked to say sometimes. Not surprisingly, you landed in a position of leadership. So what is it that makes you a great leader? It’s not what you think. What you know and how you project that through [...]

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