3 Secrets to Being More Attractive

What makes you feel attracted to someone? What makes them sexy? Is it the hair, the smile, the eyes? Is it everything you see? Maybe…at first. Then you find yourself drawn to them. Saying things like, “There’s just something about them.”

What really makes someone beautiful?

Think of the phrase: “You’re so beautiful, inside and out.”

There’s no doubt when someone is really pretty or just down right gorgeous to you, there can be an instant attraction. But, if they don’t have any of the other qualities you desire in an individual you deem moral, valuable and loveable, then they can very quickly become unattractive to you. Right?

Let’s not kid ourselves though…

A nice ass in a good pair of jeans will ALWAYS be a nice ass in a good pair of jeans. I don’t care who you are! 😉

So, what are those “inside” things that really make you feel attracted to someone? And, what can you do more of to be more attractive to others?

Psst!…If you are looking for tips on how to get whistled at more or picked up faster at the bar, this is not the post for you. But, if you want to know how to FEEL like those girls and not care who’s whistling, keep reading.

1. Be Yourself

Sounds simple, right? Believe it or not, many people find it hard to just be themselves, especially around new people or people they like or admire.

This is so important though because if you misrepresent yourself in the beginning of a new relationship, of any kind, you will only sabotage it later. Eventually, the real you will come out and it’s better if the perfectly, imperfect you is accepted for who you are right off the bat. And, if you aren’t, then move on, Baby! They are not for you!

Benefits of being yourself:

By being your genuine, authentic self 100% of the time, you are more confident in who you are, never have to lie or cover up anything, and you gain the trust and respect of everyone you meet along your path.

2. Be Positive

It’s true! Happy people are sexy people.

This is simple, but not always easy for some people. It might take work if life experiences, the past, or situations in life are challenging. But, having a positive attitude is a choice. Choosing to look at life, circumstances and especially people with a positive outlook can dramatically change your life. And, raise your own sex-o-meter.

If you are constantly complaining, angry, holding on to the past and seem to always have bad experiences, it’s time to do a little work. Tough love here.

Snap out of it!

Your family, friends and colleagues want to see the beautiful you they know you are.

Bring your sexy back!

Put a smile on your face and just be freakin’ happy!

Benefits of being positive:

Choosing a positive attitude naturally makes people want to be around you. You will have less stress, deal better will difficult situations and create more loving relationships and experiences in your life.

3. Be Grateful

How do you give gratitude on a daily basis? How do others show you gratitude?

Gratitude has no scoreboard. Gratitude equals love. Gratitude equals appreciation.

When someone says thank you from the bottom of their heart, you know it is genuine.

You FEEL it!

When you are given a gift of gratitude, tangible or not, you know it’s a gift of love.

And love is beautiful.

What’s even more beautiful and sexy is someone who is silently grateful. Grateful for the love they are surrounded by, their experiences and mistakes, the little things, broken hearts and big dreams.

When we are grateful, we attract more that is good. When good comes our way, we become happier. When we are happier, we are more attractive.

It’s inevitable.

Benefits of being grateful:

Too many to list. But most of all, love, goodness, abundance and beauty!

Start practicing these 3 things and weird and amazing things will start happening immediately.

Not too hard, right?

Now you know the not so strange, inexplicable things that draw you towards certain people. But now, you also know how to become more attractive yourself.

I promise you, if you adopt all of these three things on a regular basis and commit to an authentic, appreciative and positive lifestyle, you are going to be more beautiful, sexy and attractive to everyone you meet from this day forward!

What quality do you find most attractive in someone? Comment below.

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About the Author:

Tamara Gaudet is a thought provoking Motivational Diversity Speaker. Her positive outlook and unique “don’t sugar coat it” attitude helps corporate and non-profit audiences see life and challenges from a whole new perspective.


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