Why You Should Never Question Your Greatness

Do you know who you are? Do you know that you are here right now, in this moment to make a difference? To make an impact. To be amazing. You are greatness!

But here’s the thing.

There are times when you question your greatness. And oddly it’s when you feel you need to explain it to someone who is supposed to know you are great… like your best friend.

Allow me to tell you about one of my best friends.

She’s my “let’s go shopping for hours, drink a glass of wine… OK, a bottle of wine… and paint our nails while we sing karaoke” kind-of-friend.

For 24 years.

But, she’s also the only friend I have that doesn’t have call-waiting, doesn’t have wi-fi at home and has never been on Facebook. I don’t know if I should be jealous or continue to try to lift her out of the 80’s.

With a masters in social work and a manager at a hospital, I was surprised at her response when I told her I wanted to be a Motivational Speaker and start my own business. She replied with, “Don’t you want to try to get a real job?”

[Yeah well don’t you want to live in the 21st century BEE-ATCH?!]

Isn’t she, of all people, supposed to know how freaking amazing I am? And, before I had even taken one step on my dream career path, with one sentence, she had me questioning if I could do it. If I could make a difference. If I could make and impact. If I could change the world with my words!?

She – one of my very best friends – had me questioning who I was in one fell swoop.

Now, seven years later, here I am. Can you remember a time in your life when you questioned who you were? If so, you know that discovering the answers can be profound. I didn’t always know who I was. I’ve been through periods in my life where I was sure, then something happened and I had no clue at all the person I had become.

I definitely don’t have all the answers, but what I do know for sure is that no matter who you think you are in any given moment, you are so much more.

“What somebody thinks of you is none of your business.”  [Click to Tweet!]

It took me a long time to learn this. After I went blind, it took FOREVER to not only figure out how to get through life day-to-day productively and confidently, but that I was even worth it.

You know what? I am worth it, and so are you!

One thing that helped me realize who I am is to say goodbye to all the negative mind chatter.

All the self doubts and negative self talk has to go my friends.

Do you think I would be a Motivational Speaker today if I let any fears or what I thought other people might think, keep me down?

I lost my independence and my confidence. I lost my job, I couldn’t drive my car anymore, walk on my own, cook, do my laundry, watch TV, do my hair or my make-up. (Let me tell you, some days I gave RuPaul a run for his money! 😉 )

So it’s settled. The doubts can’t stick around. It’s part of the deal.

You’re amazing.

I’m amazing!


It helps to stand in front of a mirror and say that. And hey! if I can do it, so can you! Even though I can’t see myself in the mirror, I can still “see” myself and that’s all that matters.

So, look in a mirror, gaze deeply in to your own eyes or at least visualize yourself and say:  “______, I am amazing.”

A little smile doesn’t hurt either. It’s OK to flirt with yourself. You know why? Because …


Now go. Don’t question your greatness. Don’t feed your self doubts. And don’t wait to share your amazing self with the world.

Besides yourself, do you know someone who needs reminding just how great they really are?

Share this post with the people you think are truly amazing and then comment below as to why they are so amazing in your eyes.

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About the Author:

Tamara Gaudet is a thought provoking Motivational Diversity Speaker. Her positive outlook and unique “don’t sugar coat it” attitude helps corporate and non-profit audiences see life and challenges from a whole new perspective.


  1. Mama October 26, 2016 at 6:18 pm - Reply

    Every time I read your blogs, they are amazing! Follow your dreams girl! I know who you supporter your talking about and she is one of your best rocks to keep you grounded! Love you both!

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