How to Ride the Wave of Inspiration in 2016

With 2016 in full swing – and no doubt, the many resolutions and goals we are already aspiring to – we need all the inspiration we can get to keep us on track. I believe there are three kinds of people at this time of year:  The Swimmers, The Sinkers and The Floaters.

Which one are you? Let’s take a look.


A Swimmer is a planner. Someone that likes to do research and prep work, likes lists and is probably a bit of a control freak! Likely a type-A personality – not that there’s anything wrong with that – because Swimmers know their goals, how to achieve them, and how long it will take. Now it doesn’t mean these over-achievers won’t struggle a little from time to time, but their will power is through the roof, leaving the rest of us to think they’re piggybacking with Angels! 🙂

The difference between Swimmers and everyone else, is this is how they roll all the time, and we love them for it. They teach us how to be strong and stay focused. They pave the path for others, and lead some to new territory. In some ways they are heroes, and we love them for that. (But, we secretly hate them for it too!! 😉 )


As you can guess, these people are quite the opposite of The Swimmers. If you think this is you, don’t be discouraged. Keep reading.

Sinkers tend to be dreamers, have big goals and even bigger hearts. They have the best intentions and when they do something, they put their absolute ALL into it. Full-steam ahead!

The difference between Sinkers and the others is that they rarely fear failure. On New Year’s Eve they are clinking their glasses and proudly and loudly reciting how their life will be new and shiny after the ball drops. Only to discover three days later the diet was dumb and online shopping actually IS cheaper!

Sinkers are awesome because they teach us that just because you give up, it doesn’t mean you can’t get up! They also help us learn to not be so hard on ourselves. There’s always tomorrow.


If you’re not a Swimmer or a Sinker, you just might be a funky Floater. Floaters are the people who love life and are not attached to results, yet aim for the sky and really seem to make things look super easy! They have that “go with the flow” kind of attitude and love to have fun.

As far as goals and resolutions, they are kind of a combination of Swimmers and Sinkers. They plan and decide what their goals are for the year, yet if they fall down, they just brush themselves off. Like the Swimmers, they don’t want to fail, so they will use every tool in their toolbox to not let it happen. But if failure should occur, like The Sinker, they will move on.

The key difference between Floaters and everyone else is their innate ability to stay positive and believe they will reach the finish line…at some point. They may jump out of the water and dry off for a while, but a couple of months later, they will dive head first in to treacherous waters and swim like hell! This cycle tends to repeat itself.

In fact, they may or may not ever get to their desired destination, but they sure have a blast trying! The rest of us admire the love and pure positivity Floaters radiate into the world. Then again, we sometimes want to tie a weight to their happy feet 😉 Just kidding!

So, which one of these goal getters are you? Maybe you don’t know yet. That’s okay, you will soon! (hahaha)

No matter which one you think you might be, know that it’s only my opinion and a guideline to help you gain perspective and check-in with yourself and where you are at in reaching your own goals.

I want you to stay inspired and motivated as you journey in to 2016.

I want you to feel on top of the world when you do reach that goal weight, cross each thing off your list and make another dream come true this year.

I don’t want you to feel like you’re “drowning.”

So, whether you need water wings or a life jacket, a friend or a floating board, it’s time to kick your feet and ride the wave of inspiration to make all your dreams come true in 2016!

Comment below and let me know which of the 3 you are, along with your New Year’s goals for 2016. Let’s ride this wave together. 🙂

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Tamara Gaudet is a thought provoking Motivational Diversity Speaker. Her positive outlook and unique “don’t sugar coat it” attitude helps corporate and non-profit audiences see life and challenges from a whole new perspective.

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