The Powerful Question That Can Change Everything

Can you think of a more profound question to ask yourself? Especially if you find yourself a little lost or in a funk.

It can’t help but lead to questions like:  How would you spend your time? What would all your conversations look like? Would you quickly accept your journey’s end or go out kicking and screaming while searching for answers?

No matter your answers, when you stop to think about only having two weeks left to live–14 days left on this earth–it really helps to bring you back to the present moment and put things in to perspective. And when you pause to truly reflect, it can be very eye-opening.

“By changing nothing, nothing changes.” — Tony Robbins

Find the WOW in the now.

We get so caught up in our lives. Planning tomorrow and trying to forget yesterday. Rushing, regretting. Fearing and forgetting.

If you thought you only had two weeks left to live, wouldn’t you want to make the most of every moment you had left?

Now. Right now. That is where the wow and the wonder lies. You’ll find it, it’s your moment. Every moment is.

The sun, a smile, a hug or a touch.

Walking barefoot, coffee with a friend, eating some grapes or taking a bath. Whether you have two weeks to live or a supposed lifetime, whatever your moments, make every one of them count because right now is really all that matters,.

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” —Wayne Gretzky

Have meaningful conversations.

What have your conversations looked like in the last couple of weeks? How did you feel after each one? Energized, uplifted, supported and loved? Or, exhausted, and emotionally drained?

Asking yourself what kinds of conversations you would have if there were only two weeks left to have them really is a game changer. Talking to people who uplift you and surround you with love and positivity would no doubt be a must. Filtering out anyone who brings nothing to the table–only negativity, gossip and drama–will be a no brainer.

Why is this decision so easy during this thought process?

Time and energy.

They are far too valuable and you just don’t have the time or the energy to waste on anyone–or anything–that has no purpose in your life any longer.

Yes. It’s that simple. And, it can be as simple as that now. Time is just as precious right now, this very  moment and it’s up to you to decide.

Decide to stop having conversations about things you don’t care about. Decide to stop talking about other people. Decide to not engage in gossip or negative chatter of any kind. Interrupt the flow, change the subject or just walk away.

Since you will be surrounded by only loving, positive, uplifting people, your conversations can be meaningful, heart-warming and often life changing.

Have you ever asked someone what their dreams are? You can keep the conversation going too. Ask them why this is a dream for them, how they might want to go after it and if there’s any way you can support them, how at all could you.

What are their fears? Why do they love a certain thing in their life so much? What’s their favourite childhood memory and why?

It’s conversations like these ones that help create connection and moments of awakening. To be part of that with people we care about is really special.

So, have the meaningful conversations with the people you really want to have, and let go of all the rest. Ask yourself if they would have them if your time was limited. If the answer is “no,” don’t have it now either.

Feel the gratitude.

We say “thank you” all the time. It’s in our nature for most of us to say “thank you” after someone does something nice for us, provides a service, or gives a compliment.

But, do we actually FEEL the gratitude?

Gratitude comes from a place of love. You feel it deep in your heart and it makes you feel warm and happy. It makes you want to smile and give of yourself and it can even make you want to cry because it’s so overwhelming inside.

If you only had two weeks left to live, would you be deeply grateful for the time you had left? Would you be grateful for the life you lived, the people in it and all you have experienced?

Take note of what you are thinking here. This might be a great place to stop and make a list of all you are grateful for in this moment. Revisit this often. This feeling of gratitude that you have right now? Carry it with you always and let others around you feel it from you as it ripples from within.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

I think you’ll agree that these are all super profound questions to ask. What if you asked all these questions right now? Even if you only asked the one powerful question. What would you discover about yourself and your life as it is right now?

Go ahead. Do it. Ask yourself the question.“What would I do if I only had two weeks left to live?”

Every step, every decision, every road has brought you to where you are in this moment. And you are meant to be here. But maybe it’s time for a change. A shake-up because somewhere along the way you took a wrong turn or stumbled a little.

It’s okay, we all do. Sometimes it just takes a little guidance to get us back on track.

Just don’t give up on yourself.

Never… give… up!

The one thing I will promise you if you continually ask yourself this profound question is how empowered you will feel as you make decisions for yourself and your life based on pure love, self respect and gratitude.

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.” – Madonna

Can you remember a time you felt empowered in your journey? Share in the comments and here’s to water rippling! ❤️

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Tamara Gaudet is a thought provoking Motivational Diversity Speaker. Her positive outlook and unique “don’t sugar coat it” attitude helps corporate and non-profit audiences see life and challenges from a whole new perspective.


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