For the Love of Nia

There are no words to comfort. No arms strong enough. No blanket soft enough. No hug, no voice, no “I love you” will do. Only hers.

This is a true and painful reality for the Mommy of Nia Eastman right now. For the entire family. For all who were touched by this little Angel. And for anyone who’s heart is broken by Nia’s devastating exit from our world.

Last Wednesday, November 9, 2016, seven year old Nia went missing and was later found dead by the hands of her father, who subsequently took his own life only hours later. A cruel, brutal act of violence that we will never understand or comprehend.

My family is very close to Nia’s family. Her Grandparents are like family to us. And along with hundreds of thousands of people across Canada, our hearts are shattered as we endure this painful loss with these people we love so dearly.

Having lost my beautiful niece and her 4 1/2 month old baby boy back in 2007, I know there truly is nothing I can say or do that can bring any comfort.

I only want to honour this beautiful little girl in this moment.

I want her Mom, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and cousins to know they are supported and so loved. Not just by people who know them, but by everyone.

Few things are calming and bring any sort of comfort, but for me one of those things is music. So, I have put together a playlist of 15 songs dedicated to Nia – and to all our lost babies and children in this world.

I hope the songs I have chosen help comfort you, if only just a little.

Please…click play and have a listen.

With all of our hearts, Lisa and I send our love to you all.

Crystal, Brenda, Cody, Melody, Steve, Alan, Marlene and all of your family. With the grace of time, may the love you have for one another help heal you from this terrible loss. And may our love, prayers and hugs wrapped around you, help hold you up just a little.

R.I.P. Beautiful little Nia. We hope you’ll be dancing in the sky forever ❤️

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