What’s love got to do with it?

This is what I believe:  we are not just made with love, but made for love. Yep, I’m one of those! I believe we were made to love and to be loved. No matter who we are. No matter what.

Pssst! If you think you’re going to throw up, this is just the blog for you! YOU NEED MORE L.O.V.E. so keep reading 🙂

Confession time:  I LOVE love! (Surprise!) I’m a little pathetic actually. I listen to sappy love songs on a regular basis, I affirm “I am love” to myself daily, and I’m a diehard romantic. (Don’t look at me like that! Someone’s gotta keep the romance alive! 😉 )

When Lisa and I were planning our wedding ceremony, I wanted our friends and family surrounding us as we said our vows, not in straight line rows behind us. So, they were spiralled around us and we were married in the middle, circled by their love and support. Layers of love! Hhahaha…it was beautiful!

We were made to love and be loved. Don’t you agree? Not just in our primary relationships, but in our friendships, families and with people we may not even know yet.

Love is a gift. That gift is you. You are both the gift and the giver. Share your gift of love with the world.

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And in return, the gift of love will light up your life in ways you never thought possible!

If you let it, love can and will be your guide, your light and your answer. Just remember, you are love and everywhere you look love lives, so all you have to do is let it in.

Here’s four ways to let a little more love in your life:

  1. The “I AM LOVE” affirmation
    I already shared with you one of my daily rituals. Just say in your head or out loud several times a day “I AM LOVE.” Before you know it you will begin to feel the love and light inside you getting bigger and bigger. And people will soak you up like the sun! Just be aware if you choose to say this out loud, out in public you might get a few peculiar looks.
  2. Silently tell someone they are loved
    This one is really amazing because you are giving someone a gift and expecting nothing in return. You are telling them they are loved, valued and appreciated without saying a word. Look them in the eyes, even if it only takes a second and say, “You are so loved.” Try doing this as you smile and walk by strangers on the street or while shopping. It’s incredible how you will feel after.
  3. Inspire your heart
    This is different for everyone. I shared with you earlier I listen to love songs, so perhaps watching a romantic movie or reading a love story fires up your heart. It could be anything from a magazine article, to a Ted Talk like this one by Billy Ward. One of my favourite movies is “Pretty Woman.” And growing up in the 80s, inspiring love songs were everywhere! Phil Collins, Chicago, Air Supply, I could go on.
  4. Share your love
    This one is probably the most important. You are and have all this love inside of you, and you need to share it in every way possible. Connect with friends, family, your community, co-workers and build bridges of love all over the place. Bake cookies for a new neighbour, babysit for a friend, spend time with youth or seniors or donate food, money or your time to someone who truly needs it more than you. Create bonds that tie you to people. Allow love to take centre stage. It will prevail…always.

So, what’s love got to do with it?

Absolutely EVERYTHING.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, what you do, how much money you make, your size, colour, gender, religion, marital or physical status, political views, or if you were born or chose a path other than the one someone else thought for you…all you need to do is choose love.

That’s it. Just choose love.

How is love is present in your life? Share with us in the comments below.

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