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Tamara_MeetHello and welcome to the Tamara Speaks Community, where the possibilities, the positivity and the outright passion is endless!

I want you to know, right now that here – in this community, in this family – you will want to speak up, stand up. Not just for yourself, but for others.

It is my mission to create spaces, both within and surrounding individuals that are accepted, respected and valued. Not only by themselves, but also amongst their peers and coworkers. Acceptance is a choice, but equality is our right.

Why should you listen to what I have to say? Well, in simple terms…I’m a diversity hat trick! (Can you tell I’m from Canada?!)

First and obviously, I’m a woman. Some of my friends might debate and say I’m a Princess, but you get my point. Second, when I was 24 years old, I began the coming out process to my friends and family and now live an openly gay life with my beautiful wife Lisa in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta. Lastly, 16 years ago, I suddenly lost my eyesight to a rare condition, which left me blind, but also labeling me disabled in society’s own eyes. (Hey! I said society’s!)

I have failed and failed seven ways ‘til Sunday on what makes me strong, confident and successful. And I have transformed those experiences into my life’s purpose as a Diversity Speaker, helping others feel accepted, included and loved.

In fact, there’s nothing more gratifying to me than inspiring positive change and helping people see that anything is possible in the face of adversity. And over the past 6 years, I’ve had the pleasure of doing just that, having spoken for numerous corporate and non-profit organizations.

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